Can a Tolerance Break Rejuvenate the Effects of Cannabis? By: Will Hyde

Regular cannabis consumers have been known to experience fluctuations in their tolerance to marijuana over time. Despite rotating strains or trying new consumption methods, some consumers report that the expected effects from cannabis seem to dissipate or feel muted after repeated use. To combat these diminishing effects, some consumers opt to take “tolerance breaks” in order to refresh how their bodies and minds react to cannabis.

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How Long Is My Cannabis Good For? Leafly’s Guide to Storing Cannabis By: Will Hyde

At some point in our cannabis careers, we’re all posed with the question, “How long is my cannabis good for?” Maybe you’ve found a few nugs tucked in your winter jacket from last year’s ski trip, or when harvesting a medical crop you may need a way to safely store the excess buds until you’re ready to consume the fruits of your labor.

Like a fine wine cellar or whiskey barrel, cannabis is best when aged in a cool, dark place, and while there is no steadfast expiration date for cannabis, there are a few key elements to consider when storing cannabis for any extended period.

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How Does Cannabis Affect Men and Women Differently? By: Lisa Rough

A new study from Columbia and Johns Hopkins Universities found that nonwhite, low-income women over the age of 50 is the demographic most likely to perceive using cannabis as a risky activity. This group is nearly twice as likely to hold this belief compared to men of the same age and demographic. The findings are consistent with other observed differences between genders of the perceived risks associated with substance use.

Interestingly, the study ties into another recent observable phenomenon between the sexes: the difference in how cannabinoids affect men and women, specifically in hormone and neurotransmitter functions.

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Luck o’ the Irish: 15 ‘Green’ Strains to Help You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day By: Rebecca Kelley

Even if you haven’t got a little Irish in ya, most everyone enjoys celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. After all, it’s an excuse to drink some Guinness, eat some soda bread and corned beef with hash, and pinch forgetful friends who aren’t wearing some hue of green today. This being Leafly, of course, we have a list of strains with a little “green” in them to help you further celebrate a fun little holiday.

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My Partner is Religious: How Do I Talk To Them About Cannabis? By Ashley Manta

Parker* is a 21-year old man who grew up in Utah in the Church of Latter Day Saints, and after having some medical issues that required treatment in California, he found that medical cannabis was a useful tool for managing his symptoms. Now Parker’s back in Utah and has to medicate in secret due to the stigma associated with cannabis use, which he feels is especially taboo due to his Mormon upbringing.

He started dating a young woman and hasn’t “come out” to her about his cannabis consumption. He asked me, “How do you bring up cannabis in a relationship where they might have a very different, if not extreme, point of view? Furthermore, how do you bring up stuff like this with close friends without accidentally destroying the pre-built relationship?”

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Medical Cannabis and Its Ties to Suicide Prevention from: Leafly

In the immediate aftermath of Robin Williams’ death in August, many people asked why a person so successful and who brought happiness to so many would take his own life. Revelations that he was struggling with Parkinson’s partially answered some of those questions, while also highlighting how much a difference appropriate treatment may make.

Medical cannabis may not have averted Robin William’s death, but increasing access to medical cannabis and enhanced understanding of the breadth of its potential efficacy as a treatment for numerous diseases or conditions – including Parkinson’s – has helped many people carry on who might otherwise have done as he did.

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The Ultimate Dollar Store Deal: How Accurate Is a $1 Marijuana At-Home Drug Test? By: Pamela Dyer

Last week I attended a women’s networking event co-hosted by Leafly. Amid the autum-themed food spread and the decorative gourds were two marijuana drug test boxes that had been purchased at a dollar store near the University of Washington campus and were being displayed quite cheekily considering we were all attending a cannabis industry mixer. I wanted to perform a little experiment to see how accurate (if at all) these dollar store gems were, so Leafly kindly let me take both tests home so I could try them out. Read more