Important Breaking News: Sessions abolishes protections for state marijuana laws

Today, the Department of Justice announced that it has abolished existing protections that prevent federal prosecutors from interfering in states that have decided to legalize marijuana. In doing so, Sessions has indicated that he plans to use the power of the federal government to attack the ability of states to decide their own laws, running roughshod over states’ rights and willfully ignoring the votes of millions of Americans. In every state where marijuana is legal, Americans voted to approve legalization at the ballot box. This is a direct attack on the will of the people.

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Asthma, Breathing Issues Natural Treatments Including Medical Marijuana

2E17E3B3-7D03-4D4A-BD45-2C73DC3792CFExacerbated by poor air quality, environmental pollution, and allergies to dust, animals, and certain foods Asthma is the leading serious, chronic illness affecting four percent of the US population. Like other allergic conditions, including hay fever, and eczema, asthma often runs in families. Researchers believe America’s high rates of asthma are a result of a marked decrease in Vitamin C in our diet. This is partly due to unsustainable farming practices which deplete our food of nutrients and partly insufficient high Vitamin C foods in our diets. Studies have shown a correlation between wheezing and a diet lacking in fruits and vegetables. People who eat a diet high in fresh organic produce have been shown to have the healthiest lung function.

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Marijuana as Medicine / What is medical marijuana?


The term medical marijuana refers to using the whole, unprocessed marijuana plant or its basic extracts to treat symptoms of illness and other conditions. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized or approved the marijuana plant as medicine. However, scientific study of the chemicals in marijuana, called cannabinoids, has led to two FDA-approved medications that contain cannabinoid chemicals in pill form. Continued research may lead to more medications. Because the marijuana plant contains chemicals that may help treat a range of illnesses and symptoms, many people argue that it should be legal for medical purposes. In fact, a growing number of states have legalized marijuana for medical use.

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Medical Marijuana Weight Loss Strains

Weight Loss Strains

Trying to shed some weight? You might be surprised by this weight loss tip; Start using cannabis. While cannabis has long been known for its appetite inducing effects, research is now indicating that it can actually help lower BMI and reduce obesity. In fact, states with medical cannabis laws have even seen a 2-6 percent reduction in obesity rates. So how does cannabis pull off this weight loss trick? And more importantly, how can we harness its power for our own weight loss goals?

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CBD Oil Testimonials Amazing Dog Video from Coma to Running in 3 days Bi-Polar/Diabetic/COPD

My story, or testimony. I bought the oil for my children and grandchildren for emotional/mental illness. My children have battled bi polar for 17 years. My grandchildren 9 and 6 have depression and anger, outbursts that try there mom, both seeing counselors and mom didn’t want them to be put on drugs. My daughter is feeling pretty stable. And both grands have calmed right down, I see the light in the eyes when they laugh. It’s only been a month and the oils have improved their emotional health. My husband had pain in his elbows for years and he says it’s gone. Personally the pain in my back is still there but I’m hopeful it will work. If this oil will keep my grandchildren off meds then it is worth it’s weight in gold.


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Medical Marijuana / The Positive Effects of Cannabinoids

Effects of Marijuana Marijuana Research What to Expect
The Positive Effects of CannabinoidsHealth/Science

The chemical compounds found in the Cannabis plant, called cannabinoids, offer a variety of health benefits. While there are over 80 different cannabinoids in marijuana, only a handful have been researched and are known to provide positive effects on the human body. Understanding how cannabinoids affect the body helps you find the right strain for your individual needs.

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Best Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized


If you are someone that wishes weed would just be legal already, you’re certainly not alone. At the present time, support for the herb is at an all time high. In fact, according to a Quinnipiac national poll, 94% of Americans support legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. It’s no secret that cannabis is one powerful plant. And it’s yet to kill anyone. So why pot remains illegal in several states is just absurd, to say the least. From reducing diabetes to keeping you mentally sane, here are 10 reasons why weed should be legalized.

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