5 Ways Cannabis Could Be Helping Alzheimer’s Patients

If you’ve been keeping a pulse on medical marijuana studies in recent years, you’re probably already keen to the fact that cannabis compounds are demonstrating some promise in the lab.

We’re looking back at some of the research shedding light on a new avenue of medicine, one that explores the fascinating role our endocannabinoid system plays in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. Looking forward, just imagine what we will accomplish once those legal barriers surrounding cannabis research are lifted on a federal level. Read more

The Medical Minute: How Does Cannabis Permanently Impact the Brain?

Recreational and medical marijuana reform is taking off at a running pace in the U.S., but it seems that cannabis research is trailing further and further behind as it remains federally restricted. We see small studies boil up here and there talking about the risks and benefits of cannabis use, but the wide spectrum of results push and pull at our understanding of marijuana. Is it truly harmless as some advocates purport, or does cannabis induce long-lasting structural changes in the brain that result in a loss of cognitive function? Read more

Can You Overdose or Die From Consuming Cannabis?

Can you overdose on cannabis? No. The number of people who have died due to cannabis overdose, in all of recorded history, is zero.

That’s one of the most well-known facts in the cannabis library. But is it really true? And if so, why?

Yes, it’s true. Cannabis itself cannot kill the human body. But let’s be clear: It is very possible to “overdose” on cannabis in the sense of overconsumption. Most experienced cannabis consumers have, at one point or another, gotten themselves to a place they didn’t want to be. You didn’t check the dosage on that edible, and now you’re regretting it. You’re uncomfortable. You may be feeling downright miserable. It’s okay. You’re not going to die. It will pass. Lesson learned. Read more