How to use Cannabinoid Powder? By: Kathy T. Cooley

Powdered cannabinoids have completely revolutionized the marijuana industry. They come in a wide range of variables which can be mixed with water and can also be used in a powder form for baking. They can easily be used in anything that has moisture, such as soup, sauces and, dressings. They are widely available at any medical marijuana dispensary.

Nowadays, powdered cannabis does not come from cannabis flowers like they did in the past. They are simply the cannabis oils that are designed and reconditioned to dissolve in liquids. Cannabis seeds in USA are widely used to extract oils. We can also use these seeds to turn them into the powdered form.

Fusing cannabinoids with starch make cannabinoid droplets act like sugars. As we know, sugars dissolve in water,  powdered cannabis works the same way. The best thing about it is that it kicks in much faster than any other cannabis product. Since the cannabinoid in the powder is infused with carbohydrates, its absorption starts in the mouth itself. The saliva of humans contains an enzyme called salivary amylase which initiates the breakdown of polysaccharides, a carbohydrate property.

The risk of overdosing in other cannabis edibles like those infused with butter is higher. This is because they are digested in the small intestines which takes time from when they are consumed. People can likely overdose on cannabis edibles such as cookies as they would take more edibles thinking that they are not effective or strong enough.

One more advantage of powdered cannabinoid products is that cannabinoids are evenly distributed among them. This case is quite different with oil-based infusions. Cannabis products which are infused with oil clump can probably have some batches having variable amounts of THC content all around. Powdered cannabis is preferred above all because it does not necessarily have to be cooked or heated for cannabinoids to be activated. It can easily dissolve in the mouth as soon as it is consumed leaving a soft creamy cocoa butter taste that has a hint of cannabis. For an ultimate experience, try out powdered cannabis products made with white rhino seeds.

As cannabinoid powder can offer much faster reaction time and can greatly reduce the chances of taking too much of it, this has become a major issue with most of the cannabis edibles during the age of legalization. The conventional oil-based edibles can take up to two hours to show their effect. This can possibly lead to overdosing among the novice and impatient edibles users. In addition, cannabinoid powder prevents the too-much, too-late scenario and helps to resolve other issues that affect the cannabis-infused food manufacturers.

The simplicity of the powder’s use doesn’t just stop at direct applications to the tongue. Powdered cannabis can make any edible preparation as easy as adding a condiment. You can medicate your food after it’s already plated. After you’ve put everything on your plate, you can just sprinkle it on like salt. No exceptional culinary skills are required to add it to your meal.

Cannabinoid powder has a countless number of applications. Miami marijuana doctors suggests that it is one of the most versatile cannabis-infused products available on the market today. Due to its water solubility and the fact that it is fully activated, it becomes more bioavailable when it is consumed. This means that consumers will experience its effects faster, longer, and more efficiently.

Traditional cannabis edibles can take up to 90 minutes to kick in due to the cannabinoids having to pass through the digestive system before they’re completely absorbed in the body. Activated and water-soluble cannabinoid powder enters the system more quickly, with an onset window of about 20 minutes and its effects can last up to four hours. This is mainly because of the solubility of the powder which allows it to be absorbed in the mouth, intestines and, liver simultaneously.

Dissolvable cannabinoids are odorless, flavorless, and fully activated. These infusions are now as easy as opening a pre-dosed package and adding it to your food or beverage. This means that the consumers are given the autonomy not only to prepare edibles in a way that is most enjoyable to them but also at a dosage that meets their needs.

Moreover, these products contain zero calories, so they can be used in many more health-conscious ways.

Even if you’re concerned about cannabis dosing, eager to experiment in the kitchen with new infusions techniques, or curious about healthier cannabis preparations, the water-soluble and carefully-dosed cannabinoid powder is certainly a game-changer.

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