Hemp Oil: A Natural Appetite Suppressant By: Kathy T. Cooley

People worldwide use hemp for its thready stalks to make ropes. Little do people know that this plant surprisingly has some amazing health benefits and is even aiding dieters to help lose weight.

Yes, that’s true!

Hemp seeds are loaded with its miraculous oil. In fact, cold-pressed hemp oil is one of the most nutritious foods present on the earth and is an excellent supplement for suppressing the appetite. Hemp comes in various forms for consuming in our meals. It can be eaten as shoots, raw, hemp milk (like soy milk), hemp protein and even tea. Hemp seeds are the most famous on the market  and are quite similar to flax seeds and have a high protein content. It is also bountiful in Omega 3 fatty acids. It has about 20 percent extremely absorbent protein and consists of about 22% omega 3.

Another thing is that hemp gas is also loaded with essential fatty acids and unsaturated fats. There is about 30- 35% fat in hemp seeds which is pushed out during the production of the oil. This gas has essential fatty acids Omega 6 and Omega 3 at a high rate, similar to breast milk. This also includes essential vitamins, proteins and other nutrients which makes this a supplement holding an ideal nutritional value.

To utilize hemp oil as a food, hemp seeds are chilled and pressed in a condition where there is no oxygen content. It is then stored in a light-proof container filled with nitrogen to shelter the subtle oils from getting oxidized.

It is the content of omega 3 which gives it the ability to vanquish the appetite. One of the recent reports in the journal of appetite revealed that the volunteers who ate a meal rich in omega 3 were less hungry, before the meal and after the meal, than those of others. So, omega 3 helps to balance the brain’s hunger signal center. Not only it helps in suppressing appetite, but it also helps to aid problems like eczema, enhances memory and functioning of the brain.

Though there are many other means to lose weight and curbing appetite, using hemp’s supplements like oil, seeds and protein are naturally proven to help keep a check on it. Other than this, hemp oil has innumerable uses, specifically in the beauty and therapeutic products. Just like CBD Oil, hemp oils are also imbued in hair care products, aromatherapy products, lotions, creams, hair care products, soaps, shower products and massage products, since cannabis has soothing properties.
They are also used in several other products too like vaporizers and oil burners, inhalators which can be used on handkerchiefs, candles with the aroma of amazing oils, room and linen fragrance sprays and so on. It is even used for for cleansing and as a tonic too. So, hemp oil, seeds and its protein should be included in your diet as a supplement if you are trying to lose weight. It can be helpful for the same if you want to adopt natural ways to reduce your appetite. It will make you see results faster and acts as an appetite- suppression arsenal.

The various products made from marijuana are essentially helpful in benefiting the human body. But it’s important to consult a marijuana doctor before start using them. A lot of marijuana doctors in Florida  are available who can prescribe you the perfect dosage for your need.

Article contributed By: Kathy T. Cooley

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