Luck o’ the Irish: 15 ‘Green’ Strains to Help You Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day By: Rebecca Kelley

Even if you haven’t got a little Irish in ya, most everyone enjoys celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. After all, it’s an excuse to drink some Guinness, eat some soda bread and corned beef with hash, and pinch forgetful friends who aren’t wearing some hue of green today. This being Leafly, of course, we have a list of strains with a little “green” in them to help you further celebrate a fun little holiday.

Without further ado, here are 15 green-themed cannabis strains:

pot_leaf_clover_by_cmpyrrhus1. Green Candy

Type: sativa

Top flavors: sweet, citrus, minty

Top effects: happy, euphoric, energetic

Top medical uses: pain, stress, depression

2. Green Crack

Type: sativa

Top flavors: sweet

Top effects: euphoric, uplifted, energetic

Top medical uses: stress, depression, pain

 3. Green Crack Extreme

Type: sativa

Top flavors: sweet, citrus, minty

Top effects: euphoric, happy, uplifted

Top medical uses: stress, fatigue, depression

4. Green Door Kush

Type: hybrid

Top flavors: lemon, sweet

Top effects: creative, euphoric, happy

Top medical uses: nausea, insomnia, muscle spasms

5. Green Dream

Type: hybrid

Top flavors: minty, pine, spicy/herbal

Top effects: euphoric, happy, uplifted

Top medical uses: stress, depression, pain

6. Green Goblin

Type: sativa

Top flavors: diesel, grapefruit, pine

Top effects: euphoric, uplifted, happy

Top medical uses: stress, pain, depression

7. Green Haze

Type: sativa

Top flavors: pine, tea, woody

Top effects: focused, uplifted, euphoric

Top medical uses: pain, nausea, stress

8. Green Hornet

Type: hybrid

Top flavors: none tagged — leave a review!

Top effects: euphoric, focused, happy

Top medical uses: depression, pain, stress

9. Green Kush

Type: indica

Top flavors: sweet, apricot, honey

Top effects: euphoric, relaxed, focused

Top medical uses: pain, depression, stress

 10. Green Monster

Type: hybrid

Top flavors: earthy, pine, pungent

Top effects: sleepy, relaxed, happy

Top medical uses: insomnia, stress, depression

11. Green Queen

Type: hybrid

Top flavors: spicy/herbal, earthy, nutty

Top effects: happy, uplifted, euphoric

Top medical uses: stress, nausea, depression

12. Green Ribbon

Type: hybrid

Top flavors: citrus, pungent, skunk

Top effects: energetic, happy, uplifted

Top medical uses: stress, nausea, pain

13. Lime Green Skunk

Type: hybrid

Top flavors: none tagged — leave a review!

Top effects: uplifted, happy, euphoric

Top medical uses: stress, pain, insomnia

14. Martian Mean Green

Type: hybrid

Top flavors: sweet, blue cheese, grapefruit

Top effects: relaxed, euphoric, uplifted

Top medical uses: inflammation, nausea, stress

 15. Super Green Crack

Type: sativa

Top flavors: spicy/herbal, woody, diesel

Top effects: energetic, creative, happy

Top medical uses: stress, pain, fatigue

Original Article By Rebecca Kelley

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