Important Breaking News: Sessions abolishes protections for state marijuana laws

Today, the Department of Justice announced that it has abolished existing protections that prevent federal prosecutors from interfering in states that have decided to legalize marijuana. In doing so, Sessions has indicated that he plans to use the power of the federal government to attack the ability of states to decide their own laws, running roughshod over states’ rights and willfully ignoring the votes of millions of Americans. In every state where marijuana is legal, Americans voted to approve legalization at the ballot box. This is a direct attack on the will of the people.

Attorney General Sessions delivers remarks on issues related to visas and travel

Jeff Sessions Photo by: Kamala Harris Newsweek

A majority of Americans support legalization, and Sessions has decided to simply ignore their views, allowing his personal politics to determine this monumental shift in policy. This decision may encourage federal raids on licensed, regulated, and tax-paying businesses that employ thousands of Americans and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue for public services including substance abuse treatment programs and new school construction. Best Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

President Trump said during the campaign that marijuana should be a states’ rights issue. Please email the White House using this Link or reach out to President Trump on Twitter and tell him to keep his campaign promise to respect states’ rights on marijuana.

The Marijuana Policy Project opposes this ill-informed, regressive, and unjust decision by Jeff Sessions, and we are asking you to stand with us. Please help today so that MPP can push Congress to pass legislation this year that prevents federal interference in states’ marijuana laws. Together, we can STOP JEFF SESSIONS.

Thank you,

Matt Schweich (Original Letter from)
Interim Executive Director

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