Best Reasons Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized


If you are someone that wishes weed would just be legal already, you’re certainly not alone. At the present time, support for the herb is at an all time high. In fact, according to a Quinnipiac national poll, 94% of Americans support legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. It’s no secret that cannabis is one powerful plant. And it’s yet to kill anyone. So why pot remains illegal in several states is just absurd, to say the least. From reducing diabetes to keeping you mentally sane, here are 10 reasons why weed should be legalized.

1. It’s less dangerous than cigarettes
Not to mention, it smells better, too. But in all seriousness, cigarettes are bad for you. Not only can they damage your lungs, but they’re also addictive. So why are they legal again? Jimmy Carter former President, used Medical Marijuana to cure his cancer!

2. It’s great for your mental health
In addition to easing stress, cannabis decreases anxiety and helps you relax. That’s why pot smokers, for the most part, are happy people. In this day and age, staying grounded is necessary. A little weed is all you need to help you find inner peace and tranquility. Anxiety Treating with Marijuana

3. Reduces diabetes and obesity
Believe it or not, people who smoke weed are at less risk for diabetes and obesity than those who don’t partake. In fact, several studies can prove that adults who toke have much smaller waist sizes, better-regulated insulin levels, and higher levels of HDL, aka that good cholesterol, than non-tokers. Diabetes Type II Treating Naturally (Including Medical Marijuana)


4. It’s the ultimate cramp killer
A painful period may not seem like a serious issue. But it is, and it can make it pretty damn hard to roll out of bed in the morning. Not when you consume the ganja, though, which is a godsend for women dysmenorrhea. Not only does it alleviate cramps, but also headaches and breast tenderness. So please, give us ladies a break already, would ya? Natural Pain Relief (Muscle Relaxers, Including Medical Marijuana)

5. It beats shoving 11 prescriptions down your throat for chronic pain
Sure, most doctors will tell you that a particular pill will take your pain away. But what they don’t tell you is that you’ll also need another pill to treat the symptoms of the other pill. Before you know it, you’re on more medications than you know what to do with, which is all the more reason to use cannabis instead. According to a recent study, cannabis is an effective treatment for chronic pain, and it doesn’t cause all sorts of harmful side effects. Living with Chronic Pain (Part 2 my choice for relief)

6. Fights cancer cells
There are over 100 peer-reviewed studies that can confirm that cannabis kills cancer cells in more ways than one, from halting metastasis to triggering cell suicide. The Power of Healing with Cannabis (Cancer)

7. Could keep HIV from turning into AIDS
Did you know that over 1.1 million Americans have HIV and don’t even know it? A major cause for concern indeed. But as it turns out, THC, the psychoactive chemical found in cannabis, can stop HIV from progressing into AIDS.

8. Keeping it illegal isn’t stopping anyone
The FDA might think that keeping the herb illegal will stop folks from sparking up. But in reality, it’s not. According to a new survey, more Americans are admitting to trying cannabis than ever before, 45% to be exact. That’s almost 112 million people, to put it another way. Marijuana Legalization State Laws vs. Federal Laws — What you need to Know
9. Improves your sex life
Just ask the millions of potheads out there having great sex. If that’s not enough evidence, then there’s also a study that reveals that weed makes for an excellent aphrodisiac. 45 Interesting Facts about Marijuana

10. Money, money, money
During the first half of 2017, legal weed sales in Colorado reached over $750 million, earning the states $116 million in tax revenue and licensing fees. When it comes to the ganja, people are willing to pay up. CBD Oil Testimonial (the people who actually take it tell you what it does)
So yeah, just legalize it already.

CBD Oil as an Alternative Treatment: 

CBD Oil Will it help you? What is it? Is it Legal in my State?

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Original article by: Brittney Sanger in Culture

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