CBD Oil Testimonial (the people who actually take it tell you what it does)


CBD Oil Testimonial

Let me know if you have any questions about our amazing CBD Oil, the purest you can find! It has helped both myself and millions of people with chronic pain and nearly every affliction known to man! I have suffered for over 17 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Migraines, but not anymore! It is my goal to help others get off dangerous pharmaceuticals and start feeling better!! Let me know if you have any natural health conditions that you would like help with.

From Kelli Stigwall:

HERE IS MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE::: Well, folks. Its been a week since i started giving Sierra the CBD OIL in place of her 20 mg Adderall 3X daily. I guess i should start this by telling you all that Sierra has ADD/ADHD/ & ODD. While the pills do work, they have horrible side effects, such as thoughts of suicide, depression, sleepiness,and not to mention the horrible mood swings, plus many more that i wont go into. Sierra isn’t quite 15 yet. She has always been on the Honers Roll and been a top student. However, she can sometimes be mean, both physically and emotionaly. I researched this product for months. After all, I was going to be giving it to my child. After seeing other parents sharing about the results that they were having i decided to give it a try. I absolutely HATE giving my child her prescribed medication almost as much as i hated the side affects it gave her. For the past week i have been giving Sierra 5 drops in the morning and 5 drops in the evening. I stopped the medication completely before doing this several days before hand. Her and i both noticed a difference on day 2!!! Not only did i not have to fight with her to take it, but she actually said, “Hey mom, do i take that calming oil again today?” That is NOT normal for her. Within just a cpl of days of taking this oil her mouthing and meaness has all but subsided. There is no more anxiety, her ADHD/ADD is non existant to those around her, and her ODD is nowhere in sight. I cannot tell you how happy I am that i gave this product a try. I am now taking it myself for my pain from my endometriosis and since i started taking it i haven’t taken any over the counter or prescribed meds for pain. I absolutely love this oil and i fell so very grateful that i was introduced to it.

From Charlene

I have Raynauds. For those who dont know what this is, it is a neurological disorder that causes the brain to think the heart is in danger at the slightest chill. It causes the circulation to be shut off to the fingers and toes. Many people have developed gangrene and had to have them amputated. I want you to know, I just came in the house from doing yard work, getting ready for snow. It was very cold, not even 45 degrees. I was wearing flip flops and capris with no jacket. Absolutely NO symptoms of an attack! This is evidence of CBD being able to address neurological conditions! PTL!

From Deborah

I had two strokes in 2014. They were mild and left me with numbness on my left side and some memory loss. Another thing it did was affect the nerves in my bladder so I haven’t been able to fully empty my bladder since then. It’s weird, I’ll have to pee but can only get out a couple of drops. I would wake up every hour at night to pee but nothing. I figured I would just have to deal with it. Yesterday, I noticed I’m sleeping through the night! And when I have to pee, I actually pee! I know this sounds weird, but this is major! It’s been 3 years since i peed like a normal person. Lol

From Valori:

I am so excited to share with you that since I have been pain free for 5 months now, I was able to travel to Fayetteville, North Carolina to spend my Birthday with my Sister…..BEFORE CBD Oil….I would have not been able to travel at all….I could barely walk!!!! I couldn’t work…I couldn’t sleep……I did not own my own life 5 months ago!!!
I now have my life back….!!!!
So there is no reason for you to suffer either….!!!!!

For more information or to place an order go here HERE


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