Cannabutter made in a Crockpot


This is the recipe I use for making my Cannabis Infused Butter. The best thing about medicine in this form is it’s versatility, it can be used for making everything from delicious edibles to adding to box mac and cheese, to buttering your morning toast.

This recipe uses a mixture of buds, sugar leaf trim and fan leaf trim, using all parts of the plant is the best way to make this. Each part of the plant has different cannabinoids in varying concentrations. By using a whole plant (without stems) it makes a well balanced medicine, that is more easily processed by the body in all applications.

I use 16 teaspoons Dried and cured medical marijuana buds, because I can’t grow right now. I use 16 teaspoons of bud ground well, and leftover vamped weed. (Yes! You can cue it twice.

You can use just ABV (already been vaped) weed alone, but you will need to double the amount so instead of 16 teaspoons, you will need 32 teaspoonfuls, that’s why I use a combination of both.


* 16 teaspoons herb

* 1 lb. of non-salted butter, non-salted because I will be baking and extra salt isn’t always needed

* 2 cups water

* Handkerchief or coffee filter

* Kitchen strainer

* Coffee grinder or food processor or hand grinder (necessary to grind your weed up fine)

* Square Pyrex 8×8 cake pan large enough to hold two cups of water and your butter

* Wooden cloths pins

* Plastic gloves


Step 1

* Pour the two cups of water into your slow cooker and turn it on high. The butter will melt in the hot water and prevent any of the butter or THC burning off.

IMPORTANT: some people make this without adding the water and just mix the oil with the plant matter. I do not recommend doing it that way! The water acts as a filter for a large amount of the chlorophyll, as well as, prevents your mixture from becoming too hot and scalding or cooking off the precious cannabinoids which is the best part of the plant! You want to keep them all!!!

* Using your food processor or coffee grinder chop the weed until it is extra fine and powdery.

* Cut your butter into cubes, and when the water in your slow cooker is hot (20 minutes, about) Melt the butter in the crock pot. Let butter melt completely, stirring to help remove any chunks

* Add finely ground weed and stir in well. Make sure to scrape all medication off the sides of your grinder or food processor(don’t waste that stuff!! It’s to good to waste a drop!!!) Turn slow cooker on high for 4 hour. After four hours, change to low setting and let cook for another few hours, stirring every four hours, then turn slow cooker off and let sit for up to 24 hours. We have left it on low/warm/simmer over night (a total of 15 hours) and it stank up the house, but is incredibly potent.

Step 2:

* You now have a dark mess of dank green fat. You need to filter out the plant material to get the good stuff.

* Cover kitchen strainer with the handkerchief, coffee filter, or cheese cloth and secure with clothes pins.

* Place strainer over Pyrex cake pan then pour pot, water, and butter through strainer and filter. Once everything is strained, put on rubber gloves and scrape slow cooker, squeeze all the liquid out of filter, and scrape strainer into Pyrex cake pan.

* Discard useless herb in filter. Then run the handkerchief or cheese cloth through washing machine or dishwasher for next time.

* Cover Pyrex cake pan and store in the fridge until butter is solid on top.

* When the butter has risen and solidified on top of the water, at this point you may notice there are still some fine particles attached to the bottom of your hardened Canna butter. To remove these I just scrap the bottom of my hardened oil with a knife to remove debris. Then discard paper towels and scraping.

* Store in a mason jar in refrigerator or what I do is let Butter come back to room temperature and measure out 1/2 cups of butter and wrap in Saran Wrap individually. Place all wrapped 1/4 cups of Canna butter in a ziplock freezer bag and freeze. This way when your ready to bake you can set out exactly how much butter you need for your recipe. You can keep in your fridge or freezer for as long as your original brick of butter’s expiration date!

* For edibles, you can easily substitute 1:1 solidified butter or melted coconut oil for other oils in your favorite recipes. (Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil )

Medicated Chocolate Chip Muffins

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CBD Oil:

CBD Oil can be very helpful in treating many chronic illnesses and if you have a job that drug testing it’s a great alternative to medical marijuana, because it has very low or no THC the cannabinoid that causes you to have a high feeling. This link is to an article on CBD Oil CBD Oil will it help you?

To purchase CBD Oil that is non GMO. HERE


To find out the medical marijuana strains that are best for specific conditions go HERE.

Article on CBD Oil


The information here is NOT medical advice. Do not institute any changes in your current health programs without consulting your Medical provider. For medical advice please consult your private physician or preferred health service provider.

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