Marijuana Infused Coconut Oil (Recipe)


Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil (One of the best ways to medicate!)

This is the recipe I use for making my Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil. The best thing about medicine in this form is it’s versatility, it can be used for making everything from delicious edibles to healing topicals.

This recipe uses a mixture of buds, sugar leaf trim and fan leaf trim, using all parts of the plant is the best way to make this. However, if you don’t grow your own dried bud can be ground and used.  Each part of the plant has different cannabinoids in varying concentrations. By using a whole plant (without stems) it makes a well balanced medicine, that is more easily processed by the body in all applications.

What you will need:


2 cups Filtered water, or distilled water

14 oz jar Coconut Oil

Dried and cured medical marijuana buds, sugar leaf trim and fan leaf trim (I can’t grow right now so I use 16 teaspoons of bud ground well, and leftover vamped weed. [Yes! You can use it twice], you can also use Rick Simpson Oil (see article on Rick Simpson Oil HERE ) instead of cooking your coconut oil with bud. Just warm your coconut oil, mix in your Rick Simpson Oil and put in capsules. There is no need to cook in the slow cooker if you are using Rick Simpson Oil, because it is already bio-available for your body to use and does not have to be decarboxalated like the dried herbs)

Kitchen  strainer

cheese cloth or handkerchief (to put in the strainer to get small particles out of liquid

A large bowl (I find a square glass cake pan works best)

Here’s the recipe for 1 1/2 Cups of Medicated Coconut oil. You can easily double, triple or whatever you like.

In your crockpot add 14 ounce jar of organic Coconut Oil. Turn your crock pot on low and allow the oil to melt into a liquid.

Once the coconut oil is melted add dried plant material. If you have it use about 1/3 dried buds, 1/3 dry fan leaf trim, and 1/3 sugar leaf trim. It’s not of great importance that you make these exact 3rds but it is vital your total dried plant matter is a total of 2 or more ounces for every 14 ounce jar of coconut oil.

Add 2 cups of  Filtered or Distilled water. I heat the water in a tea kettle before adding it, just so everything is at temperature. IMPORTANT: some people make this without adding the water and just mix the oil with the plant matter. I do not recommend doing it that way! The water acts as a filter for a large amount of the chlorophyll, as well as, prevents your mixture from becoming too hot and scalding or cooking off the precious cannabinoids which is the best part of the plant! You want to keep them all!!!

Turn your crock pot on high. Stir your mixture every half hour. This will agitate the plant matter in the oil and help infuse the cannabinoids into the oil.

After 2-4 hours turn your crockpot to low or warm and allow the mixture to cook and steep for at least 4 hours but up to 24 hours.

Once you’ve reached the desired time, turn off your crock pot and allow the mixture to cool down to a temperature you can work with easily without burning yourself.

Using a ladle or large spoon, scoop your mixture into your strainer lined with cheesecloth or handkerchief. (I like to use the handkerchief and I hold it on my strainer with wooden cloths pins, if I don’t have a second pair of hands around.) Slowly add the material and let your oil and water drain out. Press the mixture to strain out all the oil from the plant material. Squeeze all the oil out of the handkerchief. Be sure to put on rubber gloves before you squeeze out the liquid by hand.

When you have strained all the plant matter, cover your bowl with plastic wrap (which now contains a mixture of water and oil) and place it in the refrigerator overnight.

Once your liquid has cooled overnight it will have seperated into 2 layers. Remove the hardened coconut oil from the top and drain on a paper towel. Discard the water.

At this point you may notice there are still some fine particles attached to the bottom of your hardened coconut oil. To remove these I just scrape the bottom of the hardened oil with a knife to remove debris.

I put the pieces of hardened oil in a glass mason jar, cover with lid and refrigerate. If all the pieces of oil won’t fit in jar melt oil in jar in the microwave for 30 seconds so you can add the rest of the oil.

Now you have a strong coconut oil infusion which can be used to cook with, as well as, to make anything, even topicals. This mixture will store well in the fridge or freezer.

You can use this infused coconut oil straight on your skin as an effective topical treatment or add it into your favorite topical recipes.

For edibles (Editables recipe) you can easily substitute 1 to 1 coconut oil for butter or oil in your favorite recipes or mixes.

I make medicated capsules to take as a sleep aid (Insomnia article ), anti anxiety (Anxiety article ) , pain management (Pain Management article ), anything you would use an eatable for. You get double benefits because of the amazing health benefits of marijuana and the equally amazing health benefits of the coconut oil. Also when you make capsules you know exactly how strong they are and can adjust your dose easily, which isn’t always as easy with eatables.

To make capsules I order empty beef gelatin capsules online. (IMPORTANT: the vegetarian capsules break down very easily when filled with liquid/oil so get the beef gelatin ones!!) I get ’00’ because they are bigger. I heat oil in the microwave until just melted enough to draw up in the Syringe. You don’t want your oil to warm it will melt the capsules, so don’t overheat! Separate capsule tops from bottoms. I use a syringe from a baby’s Advil package to fill the larger side of the capsule then place the smaller end on and so forth. I put capsules on a plate as I make them and I make up about 100 at one time in batches of 25. When I get 25 made I put them in the freezer to blast chill them for 20 minutes or so, then store in a Sealed container in the refrigerator to use as needed. It’s a pain in the butt the first few times you make capsules, but once you get a rhythm down it goes pretty quickly. I can make 100 capsules in less than 30 minutes. Each capsule cost me penny’s to make, my dispensers charges $1.00 per capsule (and you have no way of knowing how strong or consistent your dosing will be!)! It’s a little inconvenient to make your own capsules, but for me I know how strong 1 of my capsules is and I know what it will take to medicate for whatever I’m dealing with.


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