Here is How CBD Helps With All Types of Anxiety

The second most researched cannabinoid next to its psychoactive first cousin THC, is the soothing cannabidiol, or in short, CBD.

This mellow chemical compound found in the cannabis plant is perfect for practically all modern anxiety disorders, so whatever ails you from a wide range of possible psychological phobias, CBD can be a worthy ally in battling these tedious conditions.

Another fantastic aspect of cannabidiol is that it practically doesn’t create any side effects if it’s carefully and precisely administered, and even if it’s not, they are so minimal (it’s very hard to even call them side effects), when we consider how severe the side effects of regular anti-anxiety medications are.

The realisation on how fantastic CBD is for helping humans (and also animals) battle these usually subtle but paralyzing psychological problems couldn’t have come in a better time, because life in the 21 century has left a massive amount of us in a constant state of disarray, while most of us don’t even realise that we have a problem.

We’ve reached new heights of social confusion with our ever growing dependency of technology, and with distancing ourselves from all other living things on this planet the construct of our psyche is far more delicate than ever before, and such frail and fragile minds are far more accessible for all types of physiological conditions, including all types of anxiety.

Even though THC and CBD have an excellent synergic function for many diseases when they are combined together, for anxiety and other comparable conditions the use of just CBD proved as a much better solution, because THC is known to cause paranoia (in some people more than others), which is naturally very wrong for people who already have anxiety issues.

When a user ingests only CBD, it can be of service for a wide spectrum of processes like sleep, appetite and overall calmness, which are all naturally quite important for an anxious mind.

Another fantastic aspect of cannabidiol is that it significantly helps with public speaking, which is a documented troublesome activity for an astonishing number of people.

Problems with public speaking falls into the category of the general anxiety disorders (or GAD), and cannabidiol is helpful for all of them.

If you want to successfully test this claim, use CBD oil (or ingest it in any other way) roughly 2 hours before your anxious public moment.

On another note, as we can also physically sense our nervousness and anxiety, CBD also aids with this part of the issue, loosening up our muscles and diminishing the stress we feel with our body.

Also, a frequent physical reaction to anxiety is a nervous stomach and the feelings of nausea, which CBD also alleviates (to a degree of course), and it can mitigate heavy migraines and persistent headaches.

There are also several other important anxiety induced troubles that the CBD compound can directly influence for the better, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), learned fears and phobias, panic attacks and more severe nervous breakdowns.
When combined with tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC), this duo has some powerful antidepressant properties, as they increase the amount of serotonin to the brain (serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter, closely linked to the feeling of happiness and general well-being).

So there you have it, if you can find yourself in any of these exhausting examples, you should definitely give CBD a try, as CBD oil is legalized almost world-wide.

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Here’s an eye opening infographic by Greencamp, which visually represents all the splendid qualities of this compound.

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