What is Medical Marijuana? Is it different from “Regular Weed”?

When I went to get my medical marijuana card, the doctor told me there was no such thing as medical marijuana. Now wait a minute, I’m here for a medical marijuana card! He said marijuana hasn’t changed it was just being called medical marijuana to make it more palatable for a society that has negative connotations about marijuana. I disagree!! There have been so many changes in marijuana just in the past ten years how can you say it hasn’t changes? From the strength to the ability to make oils to vape seems like to me it’s changed drastically. So I wanted to address what is Medical Marijuana and how it works.

First of all it’s good to know and understand the major types of plant’s

Sitiva: tends to have more psychoactive and euphoric properties and gives more of a “head high”, people who smoke recreationally generally prefer sitiva because it doesn’t make you as sleepy as its siblings (indica, next), personally it does not help manage my pain so I rarely use sitiva.

Indica: known for giving you a “body high”, it’s relaxing and tends to make you sleepy or at the least gives you couch-lock (a feeling of being fused to the couch), it is the best choice for medical use since it works as a sedative, however pure indica is best used at night because it makes you so sleepy

Hybrids: as you may have guessed this is a combination of sitiva and indica, it is usually the best choice for medical use, it has the best of both plants and you can get strains that have different levels of sitiva and indica depending on your medical needs.

This is again a trial and error proposition. Trying to figure out what works best for you is an individual pursuit. I use a pure indica at night to help me sleep and during the day if my pain levels are high and I don’t have anywhere to go. I also use indica to make my Canna coconut oil because I take it in the evening and at bedtime. I use a hybrid for pain during the day, because it doesn’t make me as sleepy and if it has higher than 50% Indica it still works to control my pain. Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, is the hybrid that works best for me, it has a great blend that gives you a full-body relaxation but doesn’t put you to sleep. If you need a strong dose of relief for severe pain, nausea, and appetite loss, this hybrid is a good one to try.

So to answer the questions I began this article with:

What is medical marijuana? It is Marijuana used specifically to treat a medical condition or conditions. It is usually a strain breed for its specific properties and their ability to treat specific conditions.

Is medical marijuana different for “Regular Weed”? Yes, it is marijuana used for recreational use and not to treat specific condition. It can be the same strains as medical marijuana, but the reason you use it is what makes the difference.

Personal note: I used marijuana as a young person and began using it again 2 years ago for Pain management and I can honestly say the new stains are certainly more potent than what I used over 30 years ago. The advances in growing and combining plants to get a specific medical benefit has brought marijuana to a whole new level. Use caution when trying a new strain until you know how it effects you specifically.


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