Marijuana vs Opioids (My Story)


This seems like a no brainer to me! As someone who has dealt with Chronic Pain for 12 years and for 10 of those 12 years I took Opioids for Pain Management. As a Naturopath I knew how bad they were for my body, but I was in so much pain I didn’t know what else to do. During that first 10 years I went through multiple corrective surgeries to attempt to get me as close to my normal as I could get. However, the pain persisted; despite injections, therapy, surgeries, chiropractic, and massage. The pain pills became less and less effective and the dose had to continue to be increased. The side effects getting ever more debilitating and answers more elusive. Then in 2015 I had to have another surgery, by this time I was taking two different narcotics for the pain and after my surgery my pain could not be controlled! Multiple IV’s, because I kept blowing veins, pain pills in addition to the IV’s, my husband refusing to take me home because he knew if they couldn’t control the pain we sure wouldn’t be able to at home. I went into shock! My body was so toxic from there “medicine” that I was shaking, teeth chattering, and about to pass out. We didn’t know until later that was shock setting in, but what I did know was I’d had enough! There had to be something else I could do!

After recovering from that surgery, I sat out to find a better option than what western medicine offered. I decided Medical Marijuana was where I needed to turn, but I didn’t live in a legal state! I’m not so much of a rebel that I care to break the law, but I had to know if Marijuana would really help. So on a trip out west I went by a dispensary in Colorado and got some eatables. They helped some but not enough! Then we made a trip to Michigan where our children live and it’s a legal medical state, a friend took marijuana and offered for me to come over and give her vape a try. That was it, I went to dinner with the family and stayed up visiting practically Pain free! I had found my answer! Now how to obtain this miracle medicine (for me) legally? Well there was only one answer, since being illegal wasn’t an option for me. It shouldn’t have to be an option or necessity for anyone! We should all have free access to whatever helps us treat ourselves!

My answer move to a legal state! So I left my husband, who couldn’t leave his job of 26 years and just move to a legal state. I moved to Michigan and my husband and I went back and forth as much as possible! It’s sad and frustrating that families are having to make these type of choices to get better. I hate it, we’ve been married 32 years and I want to be where he his, not in a different state! I got my license and medical marijuana card in my new state and began the long process of weening myself off the pain medication. It took over six months to get off their “Medicine”! Then the long journey to detox my body of all the poison in my system. The general rule for Natural Healing is for however many years you’ve been sick it will take that many months of natural therapy to heal. So I had been taking the opioids for 10 years, so I was looking at least 10 months to clear my system. I increased my supplements, added cleansing herbs, and tried to eat healthy organic foods. It was a long slow process but I did it! I got off the opioids and the shots. Once I cleansed my body of the toxins I began to feel better and began to become me again! People don’t even realize all the negative effects opioids have on the body. They depress everything, all your tissues become saturated with toxins, and they change the entire person; mind, body, and soul.

My husband has made another job move since all this, but unfortunately to another non legal state. So we are still living in two different places and when I go to stay with him I have to medicate underground. I hate it and I believe it’s cruel to deny people the medicine that works for them! Opioids are more toxic, dangerous, addictive, and harmful; but those in power don’t see it that way! However, that’s where we come in. If you believe all people should have access to the medicine that works for them, then call your congressman and senators, sign petitions, attend meetings and marches! Do your part to make Marijuana Legal!!!


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