Medical Marijuana Vs Recreational Marijuana

Is there a difference between medical and recreational marijuana? If you’re a little unclear or simply need a refresher, you’re not alone. Now that we have an ever-growing list of states with recreational, medical marijuana or both, it makes it difficult to keep up and understand what’s, what. There is no difference in the strength in medical and recreational herb in its natural form(bud) and concentrates, but the standard dosage for recreational marijuana edibles is 10 mg in Colorado. That is strong, however it varies dependent on which state you purchase in and the laws in that state.

If I told you that there is no difference in the plants used for medical or recreational purposes, would you be surprised? Usually medical plants are grown organically and tested for their potency and consistency. Because if you are using as medicine you need to know what you’re getting and how much to take. However, the plant itself is still marijuana. Different cannabinoid profiles are often used for different illnesses being treated, but both medical and recreational marijuana still contain the same cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid varies by the strain of plant it comes from and there are various cannabinoids presence in each plant.

Two of the main cannabinoids we look for in our Marijuana are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabinol). THC is the component in Marijuana responsible for the high we feel after consuming it. CBD works as a complement to THC. It often offsets some undesirable side effects of THC. THC is known to reduce pain, reduce insomnia, control certain cancers, increase hunger, reduce nausea, reduce ocular pressure, and it can even stimulate new growth of nerve tissue. CBD besides offsetting the undesirable effects of THC also makes you feel more alert and promotes feelings of peace and contentment. It is also known to stop convulsions, psychotic episodes, reducing inflammation, reduce anxiety, reducing blood sugar, lowers blood pressure, stimulates bone growth, stops bacterial growth, and reducing blood sugar, as well as, controlling epileptic seizures.

These maybe the two main cannabinoids, but the Marijuana plant contains a host of other cannabinoids that make up the full benefits of the plant that work together in synergy. The issue with “western medicine” is they discover a plant with healing properties and they take it and make a pharmaceutical lacking the parts of the plant that complement each other and prevent side effects. So by selecting a strain that best treats the symptoms of specific conditions is definitely a large part of classifying some strains as medical. So the myth that certain strains are for medical use and others are for recreational use is a generalization that isn’t true. Also, that medical marijuana is stronger than recreational marijuana is categorically untrue, as well.

Marijuana should fall into the category of a supplement and NOT A DRUG! From as early as the B.C.’s Marijuana has been described as medicinal. It has been prescribed by pharmacist and doctors for all sorts of ailments throughout history. Marijuana has been used to treat everything from anxiety to cancer for centuries. When the government of California decided to prohibited it in 1913, that began the total prohibition that swept the country, then the world. However, it didn’t stop people from using it as a medicine, to self medicate underground. Unfortunately many are still having to medicate underground because legalization has been painfully slow.

Especially for someone like me who has suffered with Chronic Pain since an auto accident 12 years ago. As a Naturopath I tried every supplement I could find, I sought out all kinds of Alternative Treatments, but nothing worked for long and the side effects of legal prescription medications were awful. After an medically necessary surgery in 2013, they could not control my pain in the hospital on IV pain medications. I almost went into shock because there was so much pain medication in my system already, what they were adding on top of it wasn’t enough. I decided I had, had enough of pharmaceutical! So after I recovered from my surgery I sat out to find an alternative to their pain medication! What I found was medical marijuana and I’ve never looked back!

I feel I need to emphasize to you, if you are considering doing what I did and getting off the pharmaceuticals you must go SLOW!! For me after 10 years of those toxic drugs in my system it took a year to wean my body off their medications and detox myself. I was not addicted to opioids, but my body had become use to having them daily. I was dependent on the drugs. I weened myself off 1/2 a pill at a time. Sometimes it took 1-2 months just to eliminate 1/2 a pill a day. But I Medicated with Marijuana and kept a good journal of which medications I took, how much, and when. I would not let myself go over the amount I was down to. After a year I was completely off the pharmaceuticals and using medical marijuana to treat my pain, as well as, other issues I had. (I.e. Anxiety, headaches, asthma, PTSD, and insomnia)

It was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I was so sick from the pharmaceuticals, I was essentially bed ridden, sick, and the personality changes were ugly! If all the people who are so dead set on marijuana being a drug went through what I did they would have a change of heart. If they could just experience the difference, they would be all for legalizing. The difference is remarkable! I couldn’t go more than 4-5 hours without my body demanding the pharmaceuticals, without getting physically and emotionally ill. Now if I am having a good day I don’t have to medicate, because my body is not dependent on the medical Marijuana. I only take it when I’m in more pain than I can deal with. And there are NO side effects, except a case of the munchies or a long restful nap, which I probably needed anyway!

Could medical marijuana be the answer to the opioid crises in America now? I believe so. This will be the subject of another article next week. So be sure and check back next week!

In the meantime let me know what your think in the comments below.  Should marijuana be a supplement? Should it be prescribed for Chronic conditions instead of pharmaceuticals? Could legalization be the answer to the opioid crisis? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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