Homemade Gummy Candy

The flavoring possibilities are endless for these candies. Just pair your favorite super strength flavor with a corresponding food color for a rainbow of colors and flavors.Other classic flavors to try: Orange, Lemon, Grape & Cherry. For a slightly more gourmet gumdrop – try flavors like Pear, Peach, Blackberry, or Mango. Flavors such as Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy & Tropical Punch are always a hit with the kiddos. 

RECIPE TIP:  Tart & Sour, a blend of citric acid and malic acid, adds a touch of tang that enhances the taste of fruit flavors.  To create a sour flavor, add 1-1/2 teaspoons.


4 envelopes unflavored gelatin (such as Knox brand)

1 Large package Jello (your favorite flavor)

1 1/2 cup cold water ( may substitute all or some of water with juice)

1/2 cup Medicated Honey if you have it, if not just use plain honey

1/4 c Canna oil or Canna Butter (see earlier article Medicated Coconut Oil)

1/2 teaspoon Super Strength Flavoring (any flavor)

1/2 teaspoon Tart & Sour Flavor Enhancer (if using fruit flavors such as lime, lemon, orange, cherry, etc.)

Gel or Liquid food coloring, as desired

Additional sugar for coating (add a pinch of granular citric acid to the sugar for extra sour power! I use Sanding or decorating sugar, like Wilton Sprinkles White Sparkling Sugar)


1. Place your silicone molds on wax paper or foil lined cookie sheets.

2. Combine unflavored gelatin with 1/2 cup cold water/juice in a small bowl and set aside for a few minutes to soften the gelatin.

3. Combine the honey and remaining water/juice in a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium high heat. Remove from heat and add flavoring, Tart & Sour (if using), and food coloring. Add the unflavored gelatin mixture to the hot syrup, Medicated Canna Oil and stir with a wire whisk until gelatin is completely dissolved. Stir in more food coloring if necessary to attain desired hue. Stir until completely combined.

4. Pour into prepared molds. Refrigerate several hours until well chilled or overnight.

5. Put Sanding/Coating sugar in Large ziplock bag and take out the chilled candy. Use small cookie cutters to cut out shapes or use a knife to slice the block into large strips, then slice each strip into squares. Toss candy in ziplock bag filled with sugar. Transfer to a colander to shake off excess sugar. Place individual candles in individual ziplock bags.

6. Store in an airtight container, in refrigerator to keep longer.

1st batch: I made this recipe the candies tasted great, I used Pineapple Jello and Pinapple juice in place of all the water, but they just weren’t very strong at all!

2nd batch: I cut the oil out and I used Decarboxalated BHO oil (see Article Decarboxylate for instructions) for the medication. This candy was very well Medicated and it only took a small piece to get very high!! I backed down to 1/2 gram for future batches, I can always eat 1-2 pieces of candy, based on how bad my pain is, but if one is to strong it just puts me to sleep and ruins my high!!

Take out Cannaoil/Cannabutter and Stir in 6 grams of decarboxylated hash oil (or however much you have on hand) instead and mix thoroughly.  Stir in 1 tsp of vegetable glycerin to help the oil and gelatin mixture blend. Use up to 3 tsp glycerin to help keep things blended. There’s enough glycerin when you see no separation of oil and Jell-o when standing for approx 1-2 minutes.

You can also add Decarboxolated Keif, Shatter/wax, or Rick Simpson Oil to medicate these candies.

See: Article on Decarboxolating, why do it, how to Decarboxolate each one.

See: Medicated Coconut Oil

See. Medicated Butter

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